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Santa Monica Woman To Star On ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss" Episode Tonight
She also advises a nutritional plan, but also encourages anyone to pick themself back up and continue on the diet should they cheat, as it's not the end of the world. Much like her year-long process of picking herself back up, everyone is able to do so …
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My Choice to Live: Part IV
The little things in life become a lot less relevant, while the major parts of your life become almost equally irrelevant unless they play a part in your survival plan. …. There is diet and nutrition, time off of work — essentially a full-time leave …
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Design Your Down Time
I use the word "design" to describe how a person can plan and create highly specific and rewarding results in their lives, in any area. Sometimes people misunderstand that! They think "designing" means being more controlling, more restricting. Cramming …
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