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Learn How to Burn Belly Fat and Lose 20 or More Pounds per Month with Diet Doc
Not only embarrassing, this type of fat is dangerous because it surrounds the internal organs, increasing the risk for heart disease and diabetes, along with a number of other diseases and conditions. Diet Doc's medical weight loss programs teach their …
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Severe stress creates more healthy fat
“We think in these patients who have lost much of their skin, which normally helps keep us warm, white fat is turning into brown fat in an effort to increase the ability of the body to produce heat,” Sidossis speculates. He and his colleagues believe …
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Think again, do you want to lose weight or lose fat?
If you just stop eating and starve yourself, you will lose some weight! But, the weight loss won't be healthy for you because you would have lost precious muscle along with fat. Worst part is that this could actually make you weaker, injury-prone and …
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8 kitchen ingredients for weight loss
If you have tried all the fad diets, clean eating techniques, detox diets to lose weight and failed, stop now and listen to what Dhvani Shah, nutritionist and author of 'Don't just feed…nourish your child,' has to say. She lists out nine kitchen …
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